We get you on the web





Everybody should be on the web.

Getting your own website or replacing your existing site should be easy and affordable.

We will get YOU on the web.

What we do

is building websites for YOU offering you the opportunity to do some of the work yourself to save budget.

We either coach YOU on building your own website or deliver a full flex running website while YOU sit back and watch.

We will get YOU on the web.


UX Research

is about User eXperience.

Your website serves users, people who use your website.

We help YOU to understand what your website needs to engage.

Brand Identity

is about YOU.

It makes YOU instantly recognizable to visitors of your website.

We help YOU to craft the brand identity for YOU.


Web Development

is what we do.

Technology has evolved so that  YOU can make a website.

We help YOU building your own website.

Business Strategy

is about reaching your goal and results.

We help YOU turn your vision into a strategy before it remains an illusion.

Web Design

is like painting, except the paint never dries.

We will guide YOU through the process from no, yes to WOW!



receives 90% more traffic than websites without.

If your photography is poor, your products will look poor.

Make it work for you

Before YOU choose your plan, this is how we can help you


  • Register domain, unless you already have one
  • Decide on a theme / template for the website
  • Decide on what goes where → the framework

The creative part



  • We configure the server and install the software
  • We install the theme / template for first use
  • We configure the lay-out for first use

We do the techie stuff



  • We will show you how to add content
  • Based on your price plan, you can finish the job
  • You can also choose for us to do the job

The fun starts here!



  • Yep, job done. We will wrap up for you
  • Ready to go and boost your business
  • Tell your friends how they can get on the web

High five!


Why we are different

Simple and affordable. YOU can be the creative one for the content while we do the technical stuff. Price Plans starting from R4.999 and we will get YOU on the web.

Say hello

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We hold office at the Wind-Rose Guesthouse

183, 3rd Avenue, Firlands

Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town,

7140, South Africa

+27 (0)71 3289357