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Your first website or a replacement of your current website, we will make a plan with a price that fits with your need.

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Let’s get started

The goal is not the website itself but the journey building it.

Your website will never be finished. You will always improve to keep your audience engaged.

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.” – Drake

The journey of a thousand miles begins with your first step.

How to get started:

Even if it is your first website, a replacement or upgrade, we got you covered with different price plans.

Price plans are based on the amount of work you can do yourself.

My first website

Ok, this is going to be YOUR first website and YOU are just lucky to find us.

Think BIG and start small!

Get started with a domain name, tag line, design, colors and content and start with a basic website. During the process you will have insights what to improve.

Content is King. Without proper content (explained further), your website will not rank high.

There are some basic steps to prepare and those are explained on this page.

Once the basic website is in place, we will guide you on making it perfect.

Replace my website

Nice! YOU have been there before wink 

It is going to better because you know what you want to improve.

Also here, preparation is a must to get started but in your case it can go quickly. 

We will have a look at your existing website and run some tests. Maybe the majority of content (text & images) can be re-used so that will save time.

After the quote, it is time to get started with the configuration. Most practical way is to set up a second domain and build the website there. Once finished, it is fairly simply to copy all the work over to the existing domain.

Update my website

You want to keep your current website but need a

 second opinion or just a web-worthy-check?

We check your website and run some tests. Depending on your needs we will (always) make plan with a quote.

We know that it is easier to rebuild the website (re-use the content) than trying to upgrade an old website. This is often cheaper and updates your website with the latest technology.

We can guide you how to maintain the content on your website and always take care of proper documentation.

Important to get started:


  • Register domain, unless you already have one
  • Decide on a theme / template for the website
  • Decide on what goes where → the framework

The creative part



  • We configure the server and install the software
  • We install the theme / template for first use
  • We configure the lay-out for first use

Configuration – basics you should know



  • We will show you how to add content
  • Based on your price plan, you can finish the job
  • You can also choose for us to do the job

The fun starts here!



  • Yep, job done. We will wrap up for you
  • Ready to go and boost your business
  • Tell your friends how they can get on the web

High five!


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