Prepare. Don’t waste your time on doing things over and over again because it turned out different than you thought.

We have a 5-step checklist.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

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STEP 1 : Prepare Tagline and slogan

If you had to introduce your product or service in a few words, what would it say?

  • The first one is your intro to the world;
  • In the second, you claim your fame.

A lot has been written about taglines and slogans. Find some help here .

Don’t oversell but don’t sell what you can’t deliver.

Just remember that if you don’t know why your product or service is special, how should someone else know? Make a difference!

This article might help YOU started.

STEP 2 : Prepare Building blocks

A website consists out of different areas and within those areas again different blocks.

Keep it simple and remember that there is:

  • Header (Navigation)
  • Body (Center)
  • Footer

In the header there is usually a menu that points to the main pages while in the footer there are usually links to general information.

In between there is the body with text and photos describing your product or service.

Start thinking in blocks and about what should go where?

Basic lay-out:

STEP 3 : Prepare Design and looks

So you got your tagline, slogan and unique proposition but what about your logo?

Your logo has colours and of course you want these colours to be used all over your website and that includes the font.

Colours are important because they trigger associations.

Watch the video and uhhh… orange?

STEP 4 : Prepare Content

There are beautiful websites that do not attract visitors and there are plain dull websites that can attract millions. Why?

It is not about beauty but about the inside so what is good content? A lot has been written but these rules make a good checklist:

  • Relevant (know your audience, match expectations)
  • Original (don’t copy, Google will punish you for that)
  • Actionable (engage, ask, challenge)
  • Actual (recent, you want to be first)
  • Media (photos & videos tell more than ….)

Read more  here to create great content. 

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