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Our price plans starting from R2,499 where YOU can save money on doing some of the work yourself with a little help from us!

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What Price Plan should I choose?

Answer 1:

Think big, start small

If it is your first website or webshop, first think – without restricting yourself – what is the purpose of my website and what is my business model, if any?

Second is, what is my budget to start with? As a rule of thumb, with a budget under R2,000 you should find something that you can do yourself. This something is called a “sitebuilder”. Good example is Wix but there more out there and nowadays, Internet Service Providers (ISP, party that will host your website), also offer sitebuilders. I detailed article about sitebuilders you can find here. With with drag and drop on your chosen template usually after one or two hours you can be ready. The R1,000 I will explain later.

Above R2,000 you can consider asking someone to build your website, usually for this money you get a one-pager website. Clean, simple with just the information to promote your business or maybe yourself.

Our Saver Price Plan starts at R2,499 for website like this where you do some of the work and we put some extra services in.

You got your plan ready and we do the work, consider the Comfort Price Plan.

Read here how to prepare for your first website and save budget. From here, the price goes up if you want more done or more complexity in like a webshop.

Start small, leave complexity out, first or if it is about complexity, start with this first and leave fancy things out.

Answer 2:

Complexity comes at a price, work as well

In our prices we limit the amount of iterations. It is common that during the process there will be new insights and this means changes or alterations.

The more insight you have, the more you want built in. Sounds true but it often leads to functionality built in that will not be used at the end.

There is no limit that can be done with a website and as long you use functionality that is already on the market it is easier, hence less budget needed to build.

Last but not least, make sure you have your content ready! Picures (of good quality) text and other content you can source yourself.

Answer 3:

Business website is an asset!

A website for your business should not be seen as costs. It is an asset that will grow in value over time and is even goodwill on your balance!

If your business depends on the website like a webshop, do not go for the entry level hosting or out of the box websites. There are too much out there that had to replace their website within the first two years because it was not tailored to the needs of the business, read customers.


Think about your needs, think big and start small. Business website is an asset and will return on investment, if developed to the needs of the customers.

Below you will find our Price Plans from Saver, Comfort to bespoke development where we do all the work.

To ease your mind, search on Google “what are the costs of a WordPress website” and you find a more than 310,000,000 results. Google helps you refining the search by suggesting “how much to charge for a WordPress website 2019

You can do it yourself but if I chunk the results in four complexity categories it would be in US Dollars per annum:

  1. Simple – 0- $250
  2. Standard – $250 – $500
  3. Average – $500 – $1,000
  4. Complex – > up to $30,000

Read the full article on our website here. 

Price Plans – Summarized

Different budgets or different needs.


DO most Yourself

Save money on doing most of the job yourself while we guide you and do the technical stuff.

  • We teach you how to add content
  • You add the content yourself
  • We guide you through the process
  • We do the technical stuff


Bring the content

You have your content ready and hand it to us so we put things in the way you like it and finish the job.

  • You bring the content
  • We make the layout
  • We put the content in
  • We do the technical stuff


Just watch


Tell us what your website should look like and we will send you a quote .



Detailed Price Plans

(*) Prices listed start from. We always quote first.

Our pricing policy

What is in a quote?

We will quote YOU on the three stages that the process of building a website takes. In the first stage we will build a draft design to show you the lay-out where there is some basic content in. You can still change the look and feel here up to three times.

In the second stage, the lay-out is fixed and we will work on getting the content in and finalize the website to a stage that it can be moved to your domain. Here you have to review the website and a maximum of three revisions is still possible.

In the third and final stage, the website is on your domain and the final configuration with regards to integration will be completed.

Why three deposits?

From day one, we will spend hours on the work that needs to be done. Preparation to show you the first lay-out already takes some hours and this is where the first 25% deposit comes in.

The second stage consumes most of the work and therefore requires a next 50%.

In the last stage the website is basically finished and the last 25% to transfer it to your domain.

What if I cancel?

The work done is covered by the deposits. We can provide you with file of the work (code) that has been completed at that stage in case you want to resume later or change to another developer. There are no refunds.

Why is there a maximum of revisions?

After every stage, the website gets more structured and changes might lead to reversing what already has been done. Setting a maximum not only prevents us from spending hours on changing what already has been completed but also gives YOU a stimulans to get your plans sorted.

What is additional work?

Any work that goes beyond what is agreed in the quote. We are able to offer you these prices to get YOU on the web and get started. If you want more, you can always move to the next package price. The deposits will be invoiced backwards.


What is custom coding?

We use premade layouts that can be customized to a certain level. Everything that we need to add in CSS, PHP or MySQL is considered custom coding. 

There are a few customisations that we offer for free and will be quoted and decided on with YOU in the first stage.

Quote before start

We alway quote YOU before the work commences. In this quote YOU will find the stages the process of building your website goes through and what YOU can expect from us and we from YOU, depending the package YOU have chosen.

Deposits before each stage

The website will be completed after the third stage. Work only commences once proof of payment for the first 25% deposit has been received. In this stage we will build a draft version of the website on one of our testing domains. The second 50% is due before the final build of the website is transferred to your domain while the last payment of 25% is to complete the work after testing.

Cancellation and refunds

YOU can cancel any next stage which is not commenced and there are no refunds on deposits already made.

Maximum revisions on final build

During the second stage where the website is in a final build and is released for review, a maximum of 3 revision rounds will be allowed. After that, additional charges will apply for revisions at R500 per hour.

Additional work

When additional pages are added and it exceeds the allowed number of pages for the chosen website package, the website cost will be increased according to the next package cost.

  • Before pages are added which will incur additional costs, the client will be notified and asked for approval before the pages are added.
  • Once the number of pages have gone into a higher package on client’s approval, the cost will not be reduced if the client later requests those pages to be removed (since the work for adding them has already been done).

Custom coding

Custom coding on templates not included in package prices. Template customisation available at R500 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

The only stupid question is the question that is never asked.

How do I know I am qualified for the Saver price plan?

That depends on your level of ambition.

We usually say that if you have some experience with (MS) Word, Powerpoint or (Apple) Pages, Keynote and Numbers to format text, you are good to go.

For the basic websites we prefer WordPress which comes with tools to format text and images.

That is why we help you prepare with the first items, included in the price.

What is a CMS?

Content Management System.

There are basically three (3) free for use CMS, all based on the Open Source Concept. With a CMS you can not only build a website but also manage the content like articles, posts and images.

WordPress is relatively easy to learn, Joomla has a steeper learning curve and Drupal is for more complex projects.

All of them are frameworks developed with (open source) PHP as programming language and MySQL as database.

Why is WordPress so popular?

Easy to learn, no programming skills needed to maintain content.

In the early days of the internet, WordPress  was designed (in 2003) for Bloggers. You can still find the basics like pages and posts in the current version.

It is by far the most (and ideal) used CMS for basic websites although some major businesses still use WordPress.

The downside of WordPress is the basic architecture what has led to the enormous  amount of plugins developed to add functionality. Every plugin is a dependency and needs updates.

The other CMS like Joomla and Drupal are both developed on a more robust framework but both have a much steeper learning curve.

Can I upgrade my old website?

Yes, you can. There are different ways.

That depends on how the website was built? If it was built with WordPress or Joomla, it is easy to convert but the question is how much content must be moved from one to the other?

If the website if, for example, less than 30 pages, I would not convert but copy the content. Most of the time the content (text and images) are outdated.

We can develop a new website on a different domain so your website stays online and can be used as input for the new one.

Once everything is ready, we move the new website to your domain.

What platform do you use for websites ?

We build all of our websites on the open-source Content Management System (CMS) platform called WordPress or with Joomla. The latter we generally quote for websites with over 20 pages and where managing content remains important.

WordPress is ideal for websites up to 10 pages, presentation of your business and creating a blog.

The difference between WordPress and Joomla is architecture. Joomla has build in functionality the move and manage content all over the website (modular) where WordPress uses pages and posts to manage content. WordPress is more flexible for small websites (< 10 pages) where Joomla requires a more sctructured approach and learning curve.

Can you help me with my website another web firm has built?

Yes we can but YOU have to realise that there might be issues of liability of multiple programmers touching the same code over time. We can always look into the site and give you our feedback.

The great thing of having an existing website is that YOU often already know what YOU want and what YOU don’t want anymore plus that the content is often already there. This makes it relatively easy to convert the existing website into a new one.

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