Comfort: Provide us the content

YOU can save some of your budget for your new website if YOU provide us the content.

Our price plan “Comfort” offers you the opportunity to save some of your budget for a new website. Provide us your content, a basic design and we will do the work.

We will do the rest of the work.

comfort content

Comfort: Provide us your content

It is your website so YOU want to be in control on what goes where.

Just give us the text in a (unformatted) document plus the images and a design or description what you want where.

In case YOU don’t have a logo, please get one first and think about what colours you like to use.

Read more here about preparation.

Comfort: We do the work

Websites have a structure. Menu items are for navigation, sidebars display categories or pointers to related information and in the body resided the content which can be text plus images.

Based on your (basic) design we will:

  • upload the logo and favicon;
  • create a menu structure (max 5);
  • create categories (max 5);
  • create pages / articles / posts (10).

Comfort: You are ready to go

Your website is ready for use after YOU have tested if everything works as expected.

We only deliver working websites!

Comfort: Documentation

In case we or someone else need to work on your website, we will document the configuration for YOU.

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