Save budget on your website

Our price plan “Saver” offers you the opportunity to save budget on your website.

YOU only need to be familiar with text formatting and editing images.

YOU can save budget on your new website if YOU manage the content yourself.

save budget website

You need some basic skills

The one thing you do not have to worry about is the technical stuff to get your new website online. We will take care of that.

We also make a start for you creating your first menu and page.

No,  YOU don’t need programming skills.

If you recognise this, you are half way.

Are you fit for the job

Please check this list of skills that you:

  • have some experience with (MS) Word, Powerpoint or  (Apple) Pages, Keynote and Numbers to format text;
  • know how to resize or crop images;
  • upload a file;
  • eager to learn some new tricks.

If yes, you are probably ready for some new fame and otherwise we can check your skills.

Not familiar with formatting? Check our comfort price plan. That will save you this work and you only have to provide us with the content.

We do the technical stuff

Don’t worry, we will do the technical stuff like installation and configuration of the software on the server.

Organize your content

Put your text documents and images somewhere safe on your computer and make a global design on what goes where.

Starting think what should be in your menu and what content goes where?

We will make the first menu item and three (3) articles together with YOU.

Be prepared

YOU will spend most of your time on creating content like text for your articles and finding or resizing the correct images.

Get your content online

This is your glorious moment! We will train you on how how to put your content on the right places on your website.

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