CDN is important when the visitors of your website come from all over the world.

CDN – Content Delivery Network is a service that can easily be configured on every website. You need CDN when the visitors to your website come from all over the world and you want good (speed) performance.

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CDN – It is not technical

CDN – Content Delivery Network sounds very technical but it is not. The easiest way to explain CDN if you are are born before 1970 and have made a long distance call with the old fashioned fixed telephone line.

You ask: Hello, how are you?  Still busy with your work? You hear a echo, wait a few seconds and then ask “do you here me?” Meanwhile the other one (long distance) has heard your first question and replies “Hi, yes i am fine” so you repeat the second question until you learn that it takes time before the other side receives what you say.

CDN solves that problem in the world of internet. This delay, called latency is the time that expires before the connection between two servers is established.

Imagine that your website runs on a server somewhere in South Africa and a visitor (currently) in Amsterdam visits your website, he or she will experience a website more than 10 times slower (see below) than someone visiting the same website in South Africa.

Ping and latency – Let’s look at a few numbers

First I will explain ping and latency.

Latency is also known as lag and delay. It is the time it takes for a signal to get from transmitter to receiver. The definition of latency varies. Some term it as the time taken for a round trip from transmitter to receiver and back again. Ping is a common network utility that measures latency. (source:

Ping times between WonderNetwork servers:

cdn speed latency ping

If you look at the speed from Amsterdam to Johannesburg (8,992km) compared with Amsterdam to Paris (500km) you will see a factor 14!!

With CDN, the visitor will not connect to the website server in Johannesburg but see a copy of the website probably somewhere in Europe.

As a rule of thumb, An acceptable ping is around the 40ms-60ms mark or lower. A speed of over 100ms shows a noticeable delay and over 170 some games will reject your connection entirely.

CDN, how do I get this?

CDN is a functionality that can be added to every website. For WordPress and Joomla there are plugins. Furthermore you will need a subscription and pay a fee. Find here a list of CDN providers for WordPress.

Installation is pretty much straightforward. Find plugin, configure API credentials and you are done.

Sometimes the your hosting provider – usually the bigger ones – have CDN available in their packages.

CDN, I want it

You definitely want CDN if visitors to your website come from all over the world. Especially Guest Houses, Hotels and other travel related businesses should consider CDN. Also when you manage a blog website targeting an international audience.

Well, contact the person who built your website or contact us.

Read a comprehensive article about CDN here or the beginners guide to Content Delivery Networks 2020.



  • CDN is for websites targeting visitors from all over the world;
  • CDN is good website with a lot media like images;
  • CDN improves your Google ranking;
  • CDN is cost effective;
  • CDN is easy to configure.

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